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God & Human

When humans try to be God, look what they fall down to…

It’s not a trait fit for humans, but still they fight for it. Imbeciles!

God is one and pure. He is powerful and merciful. No one can ever stand to His level. No human can ever be all pure. They carry a bag of both positive and negative traits, emotions and all that, although yes, it does depend on them who they choose to be, still it doesn’t mean they can’t be shaken.

Though we got to give it to those humans, who think they can play the role of God, without fearing Him. They walk on this earth as if they own it. They treat other people like crap, as if they are made of gold and silver, and not from clay, just like all the other humans.

These wannabes have chosen power, ego, greediness and remorselessness. They are so far gone in fighting for the throne, and all for what? In this chaos, they will only end up destroying what could have been a smooth ride.


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Ponderings & Musings

Life is Hard, but Not Impossible!

Imagine being born in 1900, and as you turn 14, WWI begins, and it ends when you are 18 years old, with around 40 million deaths.

Shortly afterwards, a global influenza pandemic breaks out (the flu commonly known as Spanish Flu). It kills around 500 million people, on worldwide level. But you get lucky, you survive the whole spell. The global pandemic ends in 1920, and you are now 20 years old.

At the age of 29, you barely survive the Great Depression (the global economic crisis), that continues from 1929 to 1939. It causes everyone instability, unemployment and hunger.

At the age of 39, you come across another war, WWII. The deadliest conflict yet, and around 70 to 85 million people end up dying. A lot of blood is shred, countless innocent lives become causalities in the process. During WWII, the world also experiences a Holocaust (a systematic murder of Europe’s Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators during the WWII 1941 – 1945). About 6 million Jews got killed. Not only that, systematic mass-killings of other population groups occur as well. You live through all that, and now you have reached the age of 45.

When you are 52 years old, the Korean War starts. Nearly five million people lose their lives.

When you are 55 years old, Vietnam War begins, and ends in the year 1975, with more than 3 million people dead.

In 1986, your grandkids tell you that you have no idea how hard life is, as they start their own journey of pain and sacrifices.

What you conclude from this?

Now a days, many of us live in ease, are blessed in million ways, and have an access to a variety of luxuries. But still, we find something to complain about. We often overlook the things, the people, the blessings we have, and seek what we don’t have. Probably, it’s because of all the time we have: a time to get jealous, a time to gossip, a time to cook things in one’s head about ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’, a time to plot, a time to hate, a time to look down on people, a time to destroy others’ peace and joy. We need to learn to use our time well.

Human generations have faced some drastic times in the early days and even at current times, everyone is not living on the top of the world. There are still numerous crisis going about on global level, billions suffer and die, misery is spread across the globe.

The truth is that life is hard, always have been, always will be. Although, the intensity level varies; but the tests, the sufferings and the sacrifices, they have to be faced by everyone, before they take their last breath. So, you see the storm can trash our world anytime, it will happen, it is guaranteed. The best we can do is face it with strength and patience when it comes around, and learn to manage the crisis, even lend a helping hand on our way, instead of waiting for things to get better. Because things don’t get better unless we move a muscle, and change our way of thinking.

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Ponderings & Musings

Childhood & Adulthood

For kids, adulthood is quite a fascination. They can’t wait to grow up and be an adult. They can’t wait to speed up their aging process and be independent, do anything they want, whenever they want, have whatever they what, without anyone holding them back. They are unaware of the adversities and uncertainties that come with it. They are ready to sacrifice their childhood, for the sake of what adults
have, without truly knowing what they have.

It really saddens me. Childhood is a cherishable period. But some kids are missing out on it, because they just want to catch on what the rest of the world is up to.

I think when kids lack understanding of things around themselves, like why they can’t do something, or have something and adults’ response to them with mindless answers like, ‘because the other person is an adult or when they will grow up, they will understand better, now they just have to do as they are told’, the kids develop a concept in their minds that adulthood is some sort of green card to a divine greatness.

Such kind of answers don’t satisfy them. They will eventually get their answers from elsewhere. You will not be able to control ‘the kind of answers‘. Therefore, it is better to provide them with some information (stay with truth, not fables) according to their age and intellectual level. And assure them that they will get a clearer picture, as they will get older, but they should always come to you with their queries. They trust you, handle it with care.

Let’s take the example of the most common question asked by children: “Where babies come from?” (I wonder why)

Now don’t go about telling fables about storks or some fairy leaving them at the door, start with being them a God’s gift.

Clear their queries, make them understand the ups and downs of life, help them through all this, and most important of all – make them see that they got to live their childhood well, because once they are past that, there is no going back.

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Motivational & Inspiring · Poetry Corner

Turning Out…

She thought she turned out fine,

A well-mannered girl,

Shy and soft-spoken,

Down to earth, filled with lots of love to spread around.


But then she was given a whole new test,

Something that demanded a whole new her,

Everything out of the bag,

Mixed with many more new fragments.


Now the new her,

Broken and scarred,

Dark and jaded,

She dreaded; this is how it is going to end.


But life wasn’t quite finished with her,

Every time, she thought she had done turning out,

New challenges were thrown her way.


Fragments of her old self, her new self and what has yet to be figured out,

Orbit around her,

All she has to do, is reach out and grab on, or let go.


Coming this far,

She figured; she had a lot more turning out to do,

Probably ‘till the very end,

And she was not backing down.


That’s when life finally smiled,

“Now, she is going to be fun!”

We can never be sure about our true selves, our all sides of personalities, and all that kind of things. At least that’s what I have learned so far. You might be happy with your ‘self’, but then you face things and challenges that uncover the whole new ‘you’.

The truth is, we never stop developing; new challenges, new experiences-demand a whole new us, for that we need to be prepared in advance, so that life doesn’t break us-completely.

Let’s try to give life a challenging entity. Stay tall and strong, you got this!

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Wellness & Self-Care

Things to Remember

There are a lot of things that we must remember, but for now, let’s just try to remember these 5 things:

You Don’t have to be Perfect

As long as you are human, kick the idea of being perfect out of your mind. Although, one can and should make improvements in himself/herself, whenever required.

Having a Bad Day is Okay

Having a bad day is okay, but having a bad life is definitely not okay. Therefore, when you are having a bad day, consider it a sign – a sign to sit back and reflect on your life, ponder over what is bringing you down and then attend to that setback.

Small Steps are also Progress

It is better to do something than nothing at all. It is the consistent efforts that lead to success. Always remember to take at least one step towards your goal, every day, and celebrate your little triumphs.

Asking for Help doesn’t Show Weakness

It is good that you move forward in life on basis of your own efforts, but if at some point you require someone’s help, do not consider it a weakness, rather be smart and ask for it. You don’t have to do everything all on your own.

Be Grateful, Always

Be optimistic about life and the people around you, spread love and appreciate the little blessings in your life. Always.

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Ponderings & Musings

Endings & Beginnings

It’s the end of the year 2022, tomorrow will be the first day of the new year 2023.

Another set of chapters of our lives have come to an end, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be forgotten, unless someone wants them to be forgotten (there are some things that one wants to dismiss from one’s mind). Although, yes, I won’t say no to the lessons learned, the adversities that I have grown from, how to deal with my meltdowns, how to respond, how to shut out the negativity, and focus on my blessings.

This year, I have been through a lot, in fact both me and my family. There’s been enough setbacks, that I could easily say that this has been a rough year, but I am still here. So, that means I need to get past all this, learn from my past experiences, and make better choices in my future. At least try.

Hence, here’s to another year coming to an end, lessons learned, and new beginnings. May this new year bring us all new beginnings filled with new opportunities, blessings, joy, and hope. (Amen)

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Ponderings & Musings

How It Should Be…

Sometimes we have to make certain mistakes, in order to realize never to make those choices again.

Sometimes we have to get broken, to feel a certain pain, so that we can relate to others’ aches and burns, and it helps us in being sympathetic.

It’s tough when we go through the crap we go through, but once we are through, we get tough from outside and tender from inside.

At least that’s how it all should be.

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Motivational & Inspiring · Poetry Corner

You Call this Living?

Relishing life at the expense of ruining someone else’s spirits,

Cherishing joy at the expense of someone else’s distress,

You call this living?

Do you really?


You call yourself human,

Still, you don’t think twice before stabbing your own,

You call this living?

Do you really?


You rather spread hate,

Then win hearts,

You call this living?

Do you really?


Can you live?

Knowing you are the one, responsible for their wreckage,

for their agony,

for their tears,

for their trauma,

Can you live?


Can you really?

A Sincere Request

Don’t choose to be this kind of human, please.

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Halal Circle & Joy

Being a good Muslim doesn’t mean taking out all the delight and fun from life, and turning into a completely dull person. It means, staying within the given limits, and abiding by the rules that Allah had laid down for us.

It’s the devil’s aim to mislead us, but what we need to remember is that the halal circle is enough for enjoyment, and there is no need to engage in haram activities, just to relish a life.

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